MGCC Event

January 14 2016, 01:00 PM


Massachusetts Growth
Capital Corporation
529 Main Street
Schrafft Center, Suite 201
Charlestown, MA 02129

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MGCC Board Meeting

January 14 2016, 01:00 PM

529 Main Street, Suite 1M10, Charlestown, MA


I.     Establishment of Quorum

II.    Administrative Matters and Governance

       Review and Approval of Minutes 
       November 6, 2015

       Audit Update - Alexander, Aronson and Finning, CPA
       Tom Washburn and Matt Troiano

III.  MGCC Business and Operations 
       MGCC Credit Committee Update 
       Financials and Key Ratios

IV.       President’s Report                                         

V.        Marketing and Outreach                               

Next Board meeting date:  March 24, 2016